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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back again

Not because of health. Her furnace is broken. When we went over there Sunday, it was freezing in her house and the vent was blowing cold air. Ron checked and the pilot light was out. He relit it and it started working. Monday when I called Mom the usual time, she said it was real cold in her house again. We went over and the pilot light was lit and out of the vent was a little bit of warm air. At first, we were going to leave but then I turned it up real high. The thermostat would only go up to 70 and then it would cut off. Then the furnace wouldn't come on at all. Ron suspected it might be a broken thermostat so he bought one and installed it. No go, it still wouldn't turn on. I called the people that installed the furnace for her and they were supposed to be there between 3-5 or she said they might come after work. When it got to be 5:20 and no one came, I called and left a message. By 7:00, I told Ron just to go home and I would stay the night in case the guy came. Finally, this morning at 9:30, the girl called and said the guy would be over in about 5 minutes which naturally was 20 minutes or so. Turns out, he had to order something so we just brought mom over here. It was pretty cold last night without any heat. The guy says normally it takes 3-5 days for the part but they are having it over nighted from Columbus. The guy's supposed to call some time late morning and will give us an hour to get back to her house. I don't have much hope that this will get done tomorrow but we'll see.

Ron's retirement so far - not good. He ended up missing out on going fishing yesterday.

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Sue said...

Thank goodness the furnace got fixed. It is suppose to be cold all week.
maybe now Ron can get some fishing in.