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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today is Ron's official first day of retirement. Yesterday, Ron didn't have to go into work at the regular time so he left here about 8:00. He only had to stay a little while. He said goodbye to everyone, pulled the van around to the back to get all his tool boxes and tools. Then he had to go turn in his badge and locker keys. He was home by 10:30. He has a lot of organizing to do. He brought 5 tool boxes home. There is a ton of stuff in them. I guess after 43 years you accumulate a lot of stuff. On Tuesday, another guy that was retiring and some guys they worked with plus a couple of retirees went to the bar for a little celebration. Last night, he went with his friend fishing. So starts retirement for him.

Last night, I went with my Dinner Friends for our monthly dinner.

I guess this is a new chapter in our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Ron! You have earned your retirement.
And Viki....your life will be different too with your husband home.
And where were you 37 years ago today, Vik? Yep, you were in my wedding and we were young, thin, healthy. Sure would like to go back a little, wouldn't you?