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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flowers and vegetables

We went to the garden store today. Last fall, Ron dug up the old climbing rose bush. Today, we got a new one called Crimson Sky. It is supposed to be a prolific bloomer. He planted it after we got home and put the trellis back up. We also bought flowers for the front and back porch. Plus tomatoes and cucumbers which he planted as well. We bought a watermelon plant. I think we might have grown watermelon before but we couldn't remember. We still need to get some marigolds for the front. Also, in the fall we'll have to get new mums. We've only got one that's coming up so far. I think last winter they bit the dust.

I had a couple of gift certificates that I needed to use up so that came in handy today. One I lost a $3 service charge on because I didn't use it for six months. I thought they weren't allowed to do that anymore but I guess they are.

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I loved this post and this blog.
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