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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Derby

Anyone watch? Poor Eight Belles. I used to watch the coverage all day of the horses, so I could pick who I thought the winner would be. I didn't this year. I know I would have fallen in love with Eight Belles since she was a filly (I'm all about girl power). After coming in second, Eight Belles collapsed with broken ankles and had to be put down. A couple of years ago when Barbero got hurt I wasn't as interested in the Triple Crown. After deciding at the last minute to watch the race, I think I finally had my fill of horse racing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes that was too bad about 8 bells We watched the race in Lexington at the dinner after the car show they had a silent raffle and I won a baket of two bottles of wine and glasses and candy bars.
The also had betting on the race it was the luck of the draw and the horse I picked out came in 3rd so I won $38.00. We had a great time. Retirement is great Hope Ron has a good a time of I'm having. Its like I never worked.