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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Assume the position

Monday was my annual visit to the gynecologist. Oh Joy!! Usually on the way there, I complain and moan to Ron on how I hate going for my pap test. This time was a little different. I complained and moaned to my girlfriend instead;-) The van broke down and had to be taken to the shop in the morning, so my friend took me.

I had the first afternoon appointment. Then came the weigh in and they checked my height. I'm pretty sure I shrunk some. Unfortunately, more so the height than the weight LOL. After putting on the lovely gown, it was time to assume the position for the test and within seconds that part was done. I thought wow that was fast. I didn't even feel it. Then he says to me, did you notice I didn't give you a pap test, I'll explain when I'm done. He did the other exams (you women know what I'm talking about) and he started explaining about why no pap.

Turns out, the recommendation now is if you are over a certain age (which I clearly am) and have clear pap tests for so many years and don't have HPV (which they tested me for last year- I didn't even know) that you only need a pap every three years. I had read a while back about these recommendations but was still surprised. As much as I moaned about doing it every year, there was a level of comfort in having it done and knowing everything was okay. I'll have to think about this over the year and decide if I want to follow this or tell him I want it done next year. What do your doctor's say?


Sue said...

Viki, my old doctor told me something similar but when I mentioned it to my new doctor he said I should still have them every year so that is what I am doing.

Kay said...

When I asked my doctor last Aug. he told me no because of the cancer He still wants me to have it done once a year.
Hope things are good with you: