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Friday, June 13, 2008

Nothing much happening

Last Friday when it was 90 degrees outside, it was 90 degrees inside too. The air conditioner was on 78 but wasn't cooling the house. David (bil) came over Sunday morning and looked at it. He couldn't find anything wrong but he cleaned the inside and outside part. Looked at the vents and dampers; turning some off and back on and it seems to be working. Thank goodness because the last couple of days have been really hot.

I think Ron's going to try to get his boat out this weekend for Father's Day. We'll see.

The garden seems to be growing pretty well. He also planted an extra row of marigolds in the front because we had an extra flat. Above picture is of the flowers I have on the front steps and back porch. Have a good weekend everyone.


Sue said...

Viki, I think Ron might get rained out on Father's Day or maybe it will rain tonight and get it over with. It looks like a bad storm brewing here.
Your flower pot looks nice.
I planted impatients and they are just now starting to look fairly decent.
I have been trying to catch a chipmunk for 2 weeks now with no luck. It sets the trap off but somehow it manages to get out. I even covered all the holes up with electrical tape.

Viki said...

Turns out Ron is now going to go with his buddy in his boat that he always goes fishing with. They will have to see how the weather will be. He has a bigger boat than Ron's. We've had chipmunk's over the years but luckily Ron's gotten them. They can be a pest. We just had a storm come through. Lots of rain, wind, thunder and lighetening.

Viki said...

That should read thunder and lightening.

Kay said...

The flowers you have in your pots are like the ones I planted in front where the chairs set under the window.
Hope Ron is enjoying his retirement and your mom is getting
along ok.