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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner Friends

Wednesday night was my night out with the girls. What fun! This is the second time we went to this restaurant but it's been a while. When we got off the freeway, we were just gabbing away and forgot to look for the road we were supposed to turn on. We got back on track and finally got there. Unfortunately, the dinner friends weren't seated yet because you had to have your whole party there. I don't know why some restaurants do that.

The food was excellent. I had 1/2 rack of ribs (which I ended up bringing most of it home), baked potato, roll and a salad. The salad was very large but the best part of it was there was TOMATO in it. We haven't had any tomatoes around my house since the whole salmonella thing, even though there were no reported cases around here.

After dinner, some of us went to my friend's new home. She lives close to the restaurant. Ron and I had already been there. When we went to my sil's house last year, she lives close to her so I called to see if we could
barge right incheck it out on our way home so we did. Since we were there, they've built a beautiful deck on the back. I wish I thought to take a picture on the cell because when I came home, I had to try to explain to Ron what it looked like. It was hard.

I got home around 10 p.m. through another rain storm but thankfully no hail.

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Linda Bird said...

I'm glad you made it home safe in the rain. I was worried. I have a picture of our deck on my camera. I'll send you an email when I get home (I'm in Dayton now).

Thanks for coming. Glad you could make it.