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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lifetime Waranties

As mentioned in my previous post, the van was in the shop. Monday when Ron was going to get the newspaper, it stopped working about 10 - 15 minutes from the house. He was able to coast it to the corner where the gas station used to be. He came home, called a dealership and then called AAA to have it towed there. When he went back to the van, it started up. He canceled the tow and took it up himself. They hooked it up and couldn't find anything wrong. They suggested leaving it overnight.

Tuesday when they tried to start it up, it wouldn't start. Thank goodness, we were afraid they wouldn't find anything and then we would have to be worried that it would happen again. They figured out what was wrong and Ron was pretty sure he remembered this part had to be replaced before and had a lifetime warranty on it. Sure enough, they looked it up and he was correct. You've got to love those lifetime warranties.

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