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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doctors & Relay

Went to the doctor's on Tuesday, I'm off my cholesterol medication for now. Last time I went he cut me to a half of 10 mg. Since Mom was in the hospital, I wasn't even taking that regular and I thought my cholesterol would be up but it was pretty good. He said to go off it completely and we'll recheck in 6 months. That's great one less pill to take.

Wednesday, we took Mom to the foot doctor. With this weather we've been having, she's been having a hard time walking. When we got to the office, he's in an old house with lots of steps to get up. At first she couldn't pick her leg up. There was a guy standing in front and he tried to help. Finally, I went into the office and told the receptionist/the doctor's wife that she couldn't get up the steps. She came out and helped and we were able to get her in the office. When we got back to her house, the furnace wasn't working again. The pilot light was out AGAIN. Ron relit it and then it went out. I called the furnace guy and was pleasantly surprised when the girl said he would be there in 5 minutes. He cleaned something and so far it's been working again. He didn't even charge us.

In case anyone's wondering why you haven't gotten my annual letter about the Relay, I'm not going to be on a team this year. The woman that usually has the team isn't having one this year. Her mother passed away earlier this year and she got a new job and it was just too much. I was also afraid to commit myself to a team since I never know what's happening around here lately. Her and I are still planning to sign up for the Survivor Walk though. If I take any pictures, I'll either post them or email them.

Have a great weekend.

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