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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  This spring has been so crazy.  Some days it's in the 80's; other days I've had to turn the furnace back up.  It will be interesting to see what kind of weather we'll be having in the summer.

2.  My husband has been getting the vegetable garden ready.  He planted the green beans so far. 

3.  I can't wait until we get the flowers for the front.  We could use a little color although the trees have most of their leaves now.  My husband started the sunflowers seeds in the pots.  Now just to wait until they grow and he can put them in the ground.

4.  A couple of years ago, my husband took the rose bush out and bought a knockout rose.  This year the old rose is coming up in a couple of places.  He dug them up and put them in the back.  Hopefully, they will grow back there.

5.  Are you all over the country (U.S.) having problems with your mail carriers?  They use to come at regular times.  Now we have different mail carriers every day and sometimes don't get the mail until 4 or 5 o'clock.  I hate it.  Everyone I talk to around here is having the same thing. 

6.  Did anyone watch Betty White on Saturday Night Live?  I loved it.  Also, it was great to see a lot of past SNL women members.

7.  I feel like I'm running out of things to blog about.

8.  When I saw Mom on Wednesday, her leg is finally starting to look better.  Hope it keeps improving.  

9.  I like Jenny's Saturday Centus.  It is really a challenge to come up with 100 words or less.  I'm probably going to be posting mine early because I don't want to read anyone's until I'm done.  I'm afraid I'd be influenced with what someone else does LOL.

10.  Have a great weekend. 


H said...

We've had crazy spring weather in England too. For quite a while it was gorgeous, but now it's all over the place! Lots of colour in the garden though :)

My name is PJ. said...

Betty White is a national treasure. I love the commercials she's been doing lately too. And she has a new series that is going to start on TV Land in June, I think.

If you feel like you are running out of things to blog about, take a break or cut back. Now that the weather is nice, it's the perfect time to do that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Betty White was a scream. I really enjoyed watching it and I'm going to pull it up again for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

ps. Karen