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Friday, September 10, 2010

33 years

Today is our wedding anniversary.  I thought I'd tell 33 reasons why I love hippie.

1.   He puts up with me.

2.   He agreed it was good that I be a stay at home mom.

3.   He's my live in chauffeur (but I mean that in a nice way).

4.  When I'm sick, he takes care of me.

5.  He's an excellent father.

6.  He's been generous and helpful to Mom.

7.   He's willing to help my friends with anything.

8.   We have the same views, regarding money.

9.   He doesn't complain if the house isn't spic and span.

10. He returns things to the store because he knows I don't like to do it.

11. When we go somewhere he opens the door and if it's raining he'll drop me off at the door so I don't get wet.

12. If I'm not coming home until dark, he puts the porch light on for me and opens the door so I don't have to use my key.

13. He brings me candy bars home just for a treat.

14. He gets teary eyed when something very good or very bad happens.

15. He brought my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws into my life.  They've always made me feel like family.

16. He doesn't care if some days I don't cook.

17. He's a great cook.

18. He does all the grocery shopping.

19. If we are having a party, he helps me get everything ready.

20. If there's snow outside and he doesn't get a chance to snow blow, he always makes sure there's a path on the porch and to the vehicle for me to walk.

21.He plants flowers in the front not because he wants them but because he knows I like them.

22. He's a homebody, like me.

23. He'll do something even if he doesn't want to, if I want to.

24. He cooks the Thanksgiving turkey and then makes Turkey soup.

25. He doesn't care that I don't look like I did years ago.

26. He knows when I need alone time.

27. He always cleans up after the dog outside.

28. He's a kind person.

29. He's been a good provider.

30. A couple of times, he drove me to Michigan to stay with a friend, went home and came right back a week later to bring me home. 

31. He's always on my side no matter what.

32.He doesn't care if I spend hours on the computer lol.

33. Magellan has always called  hippie a saint.  I wouldn't go that far but he is a wonderful guy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Cuz.

Only 33 years? Newlyweds. John and I will be married 40 years in May. Yikes!

Have a really fabulous day and tell Ron Happy Anniversary.


Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. I'd like to see his list of 33. I'll bet it's not much different from yours.

My name is PJ. said...

Thirty three years!! Congratulations to you both! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy that is a wonderful are lucky and so is he...!!

Mumsy said...

Happy anniversary to you both! That's a long time, and many more decades to come :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! 33 that's something. Keep up the good work. Loved your 33 reasons. -mike