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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I just want to warn you before you read this, there are some very disturbing things involved in this post about how the neighbor lady passed away.  It is rather shocking.  Just be forewarned if you continue.

When we moved to our home, the neighbors on our driveway side were the original owners of their home.   

We always had our ups and downs with them.  They never had any children.  When my son was little and his friends would come over they were always pretty good about throwing the ball over the fence when the kids would accidentally get it in their yard.

Although there were times that they would get mad at us and stop talking to us.  We would never know what happened but eventually we would start talking to them and all would be well.

They always wanted to take us out to eat and we did go a few times.  They also came over for Thanksgiving when we had it here and would celebrate with our family.  They knew my mom and dad and always enjoyed talking with them.  They even came to my son's high school graduation party.  

As my son got older, they started to get mad at us more often.  I think because my son and his friends used to come and go all hours of the night and their bedroom was by our driveway. I used to holler at them all the time but you know kids that age they just don't think.

The winter before she died, she called up during the night and told me if we didn't stop all the car door slamming she was going to call the police.  That was the last time I spoke with her.

The following spring one day, there was still snow on the ground, I was looking out the front window and I told my husband someone must have thrown garbage in the neighbors apron of the driveway.  When I looked again, I saw it was the neighbor lady laying there.  Her husbands car was parked in the front of the house.  I gave my husband a blanket and told him to put it on her.  (I remembered that from TV your supposed to cover someone so they don't go in shock).  He ran out then I ran out.  The girl next door had already called for an ambulance and was yelling at the neighbor guy.  

To this day, I'm not exactly sure what happened.  She used to walk to the end of the driveway and he would stop and she would get in.  Somehow she ended up in the apron and he ran over her with the car.  He said he thought it was a snowbank.  OMG, it was just terrible.  He kept asking if she was going to be all right.  We think she was already gone.  The police came and put crime tape all around.  I really couldn't tell them anything because I only saw the aftermath.  The girl next door said she saw him run her over and was yelling from her house to tell him to stop but he couldn't hear her.  The neighbor girl never saw though how she ended up on the ground.  The lady did have heart issues and was in the hospital numerous times for it.  They said she died because of the heart issues but I'm not convinced that's the truth.  They did take away the neighbor guys license for a while but then gave it back.  I can't even explain how many months I couldn't get the image out of my mind.  I had never seen anything like that, I hope I never do again.  

I was very surprised when he remarried.  I thought for sure when she died he would shortly after.  They were such a loving couple.  In the summer, they would always be sitting in the backyard and talking to each other.  My husband and I would think what do they have so much to say to each other after all those years of being married.

I think he was close to 90 when it happened and he is 96 and still going strong.


Cheryl said...

Disquieting. Must have been a huge shock to even witness the aftermath. That'd give me nightmares too. And linger on and on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hopefully don't have to witness something like that again. In my community we have a trailer park in the country for retired people. The same thing happend there but the wife ran over her husband with a golf cart with the same results. I guess you can never be too careful. -mike

Julie Schuler said...

How horrible! I suppose if you were the husband you would have to believe it was her heart, or else how could you cope? Tragic.