The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  Last Thursday at the nursing home they had a book/other stuff sale.  I was pretty lucky and honed in on something for my Christmas gift exchange with the Dinner Friends already.  Unless, I find something else or  decide to keep it, you never know lol.  This is the second year I just accidentally happened on to the gift exchange early.

2.  I'm starting to get some pictures on my new computer from the old one but it's going to be slow going.  For some reason I can't get them to go into a zip file unless I do it individually.  Right now I'm having to do each one separately which will take forever.  I installed the software for the camera on the new computer and it worked off and on, then I found out it's not compatible.  No updates for windows 7 either. Looks like I need a new camera ;-(   Any suggestions for a camera, cheap and easy to figure out ?  

3. So, this is Oprah's last season.  I have watched her religiously some years and not so much others.  I decided I would really try to watch since I was there for the beginning.  How about you?

4. I called the Water Company last Friday and I talked to someone that I thought was really going to help me get mom's bill.  Apparently, she said they sent it out on August 4th but we didn't get it.  I asked her if they sent it to my address and she said it looks like they sent it to the wrong address and she corrected it.  It's on dad's name so it probably went back to the water company.  Then she said she would call me back because she couldn't get a hold of anyone to generate the bill.  I haven't heard back from her and so far no bill either.   Oh Heather, so far you have disappointed me.  I guess I'll wait another couple of weeks and if I don't hear something, I will have to try again.
5. I lost a couple of followers.  Then I got a couple of new followers.  I was trying to catch up to following some of my followers that I wasn't following and started following myself, AGAIN @@.  I finally remembered how to stop but I think I might have deleted a follower.  If you were a follower and I deleted you, come follow me again.  If you wanted to just stop following me that's fine.   If you follow me and I don't follow you, give me a shout out.   Did you follow all that LOL?


Cheryl said...

I'm stuck on your #2 problem. So frustrating. I lost a ton of photos that way. Wish I had a suggestion, but I'm totally blank.

Ames said...

Hey Vicki,

Are you trying to transfer your pics to the new computer? Or just upload from a new camera? I am confused. But I offer these two suggestions.

1. Buy a flash drive and save all your pics from your computer to it. Then you can transfer the pics to the new computer.

2. I don't know what kind of camera you have, but I found using a cheap $9.99 card reader for my digital camera's SD card worked when my new computer wouldn't accept uploading direct from the camera even after I installed the new camera software. I just pop the card into the reader and it automatically lets me open up the SD card and view the pics. I can then edit (crop, rotate, enhance etc.)and save them to my computer.

Hope this helps.~Ames

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