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Monday, November 8, 2010


The guy came and fixed my computer.  It's working great.  I ended up buying a new router since mine was ancient.  He re-downloaded my printer which somehow got lost and fixed it so that shouldn't happen anymore.  He was here for over two hours because when he deleted the thing that was causing my computer to freeze up he lost the CD driver and couldn't get it back but finally called someone and they figured it out. 

It sounds like I screwed it up when I downloaded the program to my camera because it wasn't compatible and when I deleted it something didn't delete and was causing the problem.  I found out I can just download my pictures right from the camera onto the computer.   I downloaded Picasa so I can edit my picture but it's something new I have to learn, ugh!!  I don't know when I'm going to have the time, what with all the cleaning and getting ready for the holidays, ha.  I still haven't even learned everything about my new computer and Windows 7 yet.

Edited:  I typed this just last week and suddenly on Friday, I lost my printer again.  I called the Geek Squad and they took over my computer and fixed it again.  Because their guy installed it if it goes out, they'll fix it for no cost.  We'll see.    


Wanda..... said...

I'm in the same boat, Viki, getting use to a new computer and Windows 7...this is my third day! All my photos are still on the other! I'll wish you luck and you wish me luck...OK?

Cheryl said...

Eek! You'll grow to love Picasa and then move onto Picnik. Honest.

Wishing blessings on your computer, drivers, and printer.