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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  Always before Halloween, they have the staff at the nursing home dress up for Halloween and they parade through the whole facility.  This year besides doing that they gave each resident some candy and they had kids come in so they could pass them out.  Mom said she had the best time.

2. Well, the election is over.  Hopefully, it will be a while before we start seeing commercials again although the presidential election is only 2 years away so I bet it won't be long, ha.  I'm sure some people are thrilled with what happened on election day.  I'm not one of them.  I hope I'm wrong.  Be prepared to probably hear a lot of moaning, groaning and complaining LOL.

3.  I already have a complaint about the Fair and Balanced station complaining about all the other media having a bias towards the democrats but they are fair and balanced.  Do they think anyone believes them, ha. 

4.  This has got to be one of the dumbest groups on Survivor @@.

5.  I guess I pretty much decided I'm not going to be doing  Alphabe-Thursday because I can't come up with something to do.  I decided I'm going to pose a question every Thursday.  Some I will answer and some I'm going to just throw out.  I hope if you read on Thursday you will participate.

6. Yippee!!  Time change over the weekend.  Don't forget to change your clocks.

7.  We may get our first bit of snow today and/or tomorrow.  I doubt it will stick because our ground is pretty warm yet but, we'll see.

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•••Mumsy••• said...

I didn't know we have to change the time already..Thanks for the reminder.

My Alphabe has no direction this time around..and I almost didn't make it this week..