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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Question for Thursday

What do you do for Thanksgiving; cook, go to a restaurant or take stuff.   Do you celebrate with others?

We usually had Thanksgiving at our house. 

Last year, we had Thanksgiving at my brother's house since his in-laws weren't going to Florida until after Thanksgiving.  Same thing this year.  We enjoy being a guest very much.  So we will be celebrating with my brother and his in-laws.

I will be taking a dessert.

We'll probably go see Mom before we go.


Cheryl said...

Thanksgiving isn't one of my favorites so I have no clue what we're doing. Going to Jamaica sounds like fun. Wouldn't come back until spring.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

When we became adults, my siblings and I would share hosting the holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving was my holiday to host, which was nice as my daughter was born the week of Thanksgiving so we always celebrated her BD too. Then a few years ago my sister and her family all moved to the SW, and my brother's boys wives kept giving him grandkids (he has 9), so we all decided just cook for ourselves as it is too many people for one home. I was cooking for 30 at one time but it's a lot easier to just cook for us.

Ames said...

First off, we always participate in area food drives. I just don't believe in anyone going hungry. Sometiomes I buy whole dinners for less fortunate families.

For our own celebrations:

I always host Thanksgiving at my home. I cook the Turkey, Ham,and Pumpkin pies and sweet tea (the house wine of the south). My daughter, and daughter -in-law make all the side dishes, breads and relish trays. One elderly friend of the family usually brings corn pudding because she knows I like it but nobody else does. But it makes her feel good.
We seat the grandsons (5) in the eat in kitchen and as many adults as we can fit at the dinning room table. Everyone helps to serve the grandsons first. Then everyone stands around the childrens table, holding hands, and we say Grace. Each person then takes a turn at expessing what they are grateful/thankful for this year and after wards the adults do buffet from the kitchen and eat together in the dinning room.

I always invite shut-ins, or those without family, or away from home. One year we had a Korean couple share in our family Thanksgiving. They were so lonely and so far away from home. We had a great time with them and we are still friends to this day. Even though they have returned to Korea.

As our Thanksgiving dinners continues to increase in size,we just add card tables to accomdate the extra people.

Everyone is told to bring their own storage containers so they can take home any leftovers they may want. Which saves me from storing it in my side by side. My son-in-law always makes a plate to give to any homeless person he sees on his way home.
I love Thanksgiving!~Ames

My name is PJ. said...

I set the table of Thanksgiving. The Source cooks, my sister cleans up. :)

J. Kwiatkowski said...

We have a very small Thanksgiving for the four of us, but then Justin's birthday is a few days after, so the family gets together then and eats my leftovers.

•••Mumsy••• said...

We usually get together with my sister. She will cook some dishes, and I will bring some..

BTW-there is meme called Thursday Two Questions, which I think would fit in with your ideas..