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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Mom went to the eye doctor last week to have the eye checked that she had the cataract surgery on.  I had a really hard time getting her from the wheelchair to the chair she needed to sit in.  Since she had just gotten out of the hospital a couple of days before, they had her on bed rest the whole time, she wasn't so great at standing up.  Anyhow, when she was finally in the chair, the girl gives her an eye exam before the doctor comes in.  The only thing Mom could see out of the eye she just had surgery on was the large E.  That was it.  WTH!!  We kept asking her what's the next line.  We kept changing around the thing she was looking through thinking she didn't have it right but nope, she couldn't see as well as she could right after the surgery.

When the doctor came in and examined her he said that her eye was swollen and a little irritated.  I mentioned to him that when she was in the hospital they hadn't given her the drops right away.  (I called the morning after she got to the hospital and mentioned that she had to take eye drops.  When we went to see her at 12:30, she still hadn't had any drops.  They were waiting for them from the pharmacy.  I specifically asked the nurse if the waiting would screw up her eye.  Naturally, she said nooooo)  He said, it looked like what happens when someone stops taking the medication too soon.

He wanted to do another test but because Mom would have to get up and move to another chair again, he decided to put her on drops every two hours until we come back the beginning of October.

I was so disappointed.  She will still be able to see better than she did with that eye but I am so hoping when we go back she will be able to see more of the chart.

Now, I can't be sure that it is the hospital's fault.  All I know is that this didn't happen with the other eye.  Ugh!!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I wouldn't be SO SURE of that!
I have had that eye surgery.
Those RX directions are written for A REASON.
Hubby missed his Cipro for his UTI when he was admitted once and that set him BACK in his recovery.
Hope all goes well with your mom.

Cheryl said...

I hope the 2 hour regimen works. That sucks for your Mom. We had to put my grandmother into a nursing home post surgery because there wasn't anyone close enough to keep her on schedule and that schedule is everything to healing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that about your mom, it's very dissapointing when you ask specific questions and get false answers. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the two-hour deal helps. -mike

Ames said...

I understand hospitals not wanting to administer meds from the outside but I feel this is not proper nursing if a patient is not administered prescribed meds in a timely manner. I sure hope all goes well for your mom. Good thing you are staying on top of things for her Viki! You are to be commended for caring for your mom. I was caregiver to both my parents and it really took a tole on me. ~Ames