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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How did your garden grow?

We've already had fall weather for a few weeks and our garden will be coming to an end.  This year it was so-so.

Hippie planted green beans three times and we really had a good harvest.

Cucumbers were okay.  We had enough for us but not enough to give away.

Tomatoes,  what can I say.  We had almost enough bigger ones for us but none to give away.  A lot of the ones we did have were split on top.  Cherry tomatoes were terrible.  He hardly had any to harvest.

I think the garden didn't do well because of the extremely hot weather.  Also, the issues with the tomatoes had to do with the darn squirrels this year.  Last year they didn't bother them.  This year they were relentless.  Two years ago, they just took the bigger ones.  Now, they even took the cherry tomatoes and also took them when they were green.  Those little buggers.  

How did your garden grow?


Wanda..... said...

Two years ago the squirrels starting carrying my green tomatoes into the trees to eat. We had to reduce the size of our garden, fence it in and add a few low-volt wires, just enough to make it unpleasant for them to visit my garden.

Wanda..... said...

I zucchini did awful, the cucumbers didn't produce as many as usual, and the tomatoes took forever to ripen!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

No other word to describe it other than ...HORRID! :0(

Ames said...

We've always had problems growing tomatoes and this year we tried those Topsy Turvey Tomatoes. Don't waste your money. I had to fight leaf miners and blossom end rot. We finally pitched them. Our cherry tomatoes did well but the skin was so tough on them, the okra did well, but we didn't have enough. We have squirrels, racoons and opossums coming through the yard. The birds pretty much left the tomatoes alone since we put out a feeder for them and the Elderberry bush was loaded with berries. I may try growing blueberries and blackberries next time.~Ames