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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I was checking through my cupboards writing up a grocery list.  I haven't cooked that much this summer and when I started checking dates on different things many were expired.  Wow!!  What a waste of money.  I threw quite a bit out.  I'll either have to start cooking more or buying less lol.  Hopefully, with this cooler weather I will be cooking more.


Ames said...

I know how you feel. I purged my spice cabinet and most all was expired. I'd save it for 50 years and maybe it would be worth something to someone who collects old kitchen spice containers (ha ha)except that most spices these days are in plastic bottles instead of colorful tins.

Food however is another issue altogether. I have noticed the grocer putting milk out on the shelf that had 4 days left before the expiration date and I just go somewhere else.

My sister lives in Arizona and food is more expensive there becasue they have to ship most of it there. So I think she is stuck buying what ever they put out on the shelves.

Also I like to keep a small stock pile in case of emergencies and those items that have use by dates don't last long enough for me to make it through hurricane season which is June to November. ~Ames

~~Rhonda said...

BTDT. It's so hard to throw those kinds of things away. Last time my middle daughter helped me clean out the pantry, she marked all the cans and boxes on top with the exp. date in black marker. Made it easier to see and made me more aware of the date, which I may have not bothered to look at otherwise. ~~Rhonda

Cheryl said...

Buy less; eat out more. Works for me.

BECKY said...

I just did the same thing! VERY old stuff! I always intend to bake and cook more in the fall and for the Holidays...but there's always stuff left over, too!