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Friday, June 19, 2015

Hibachi Restaurant

Wednesday was Dinner Friends night.  The gal whose birthday it was was turning 60 and she chose a restaurant where we could have dinner cooked on a hibachi in front of us.  Always a fun thing to do.  The food was so delicious.  We first had ginger soup and a small salad.  Then he cooked eggs 

and adds rice to them.  Also, makes fried noodles.  I ordered Filet Mignon and chicken, some ordered shrimp (not shown).  There were also vegetables.

As he was cooking he did the usual trying to get you to catch broccoli in your mouth when he threw it.  I think he wasn't a very good aim because not many were able to catch it, ha!  Also, the saki in the mouth trick (I didn't take any)  but it was still enjoyable.  One thing about eating in these kinds of places there's always a lot to take home.

For our friend whose birthday it was we got her a birthday dessert.  It was really cute.

It was ice cream scoops with this little decoration that was lit and turned.  How clever.

Next year, the last woman in our group will turn 60. (We are getting old/er)

However, the first one in our group will be turning 70 next month.  We are doing something really special for that.  It might even involve a sleep-over if all goes as planned.

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