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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The D

We decided to stay on Fremont Street downtown because it was going to be close to the wedding chapel and also within walking distance to where dinner was going to be later that night.

Years ago, we stayed on Fremont Street and stayed at The Fitzgerald's.   A new owner took over and it is now called The D (for Detroit).  I was anxious to see what it looked like since it was remodeled.

I liked the updating, however, I forgot how small the rooms were.  The first time I set foot in the room I felt a little claustrophobic.  There were the beds and dresser.  One chair under the seating part of the dresser. (I guess I got used to being at The Orleans where you have a separate sitting area.)  The next day I was used to the smaller room though, thank goodness.  We were closer to the mountains which was nice to see when looking out the window.

On the first floor they have what they call the Longbar that is supposed to be the longest bar in Vegas.  Also all the bartenders at the D do tricks with the bottles (think of the movie cocktail, ha!)  By the gambling tables, they have women that stand on little platforms dancing (think go go dancers, if you're old enough to know what those are).

They have 4 places to eat:  McDonald's, Coney Island, the D grill and a fancy Steak place.  Ha, you could tell which one we didn't go to because I don't remember the name.  Hippie would get coffee at McDonald's every morning - no coffee maker in the room.  I never tasted a coney island hot dog.  It was very good and the french fries were excellent.

We spent our time gambling at the 2nd floor bar.  It was what they called the vintage floor.  On some machines you could use coins in the machines.  Also, they played 60's and 70's music.  There was a patio right outside the bar we could go out on and people watch.  There was a fortune teller/palm reader/tarot card reader in the red wagon.  I thought about going and then promptly forgot. (Click to enlarge pictures)

I really had to laugh.  On the patio, they had an escalator coming up but if you wanted to go down you had to go inside through the casino (who ever came up with that idea was brilliant)

I loved to people watch off that patio.  It was very amusing at times.  Picture this: an Elvis with his nurse.  The nurse was bare breasted with pasties.  Also, a guy with a cowboy hat wearing a thong with just his manly part covered, no shirt only suspenders. (It must have been a one piece)  I decided they must have been very brave because the woman was older and her girls weren't standing to attention.

There is for lack of a better word a canape over part of Fremont Street.  At night, they show all kinds of things on it.  They also have 4 zip lines that you can ride during the day or night.  It looks really cool especially when the display is going on.

The room we stayed in still was old fashioned.  There was no thermostat in the room.  You had to turn the controls to warmer or colder which made for noise during the night which turned out to be a good thing.

At night next to The D which is to the left, they have either live music or a DJ who plays music and dances.  We were on the 20th floor right above the stage.  With the noise from the air conditioner/furnace you could barely hear the music.  It always lasted pretty late.

The thing I disliked was the elevator system.  I won't even go into what a pain that was.  I would still go back to The D again though.  We had a lot of fun.  

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