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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Wedding

The wedding was lovely.  I didn't know what to expect.  However, when they were planning it, my only stipulation was not to get married by Elvis, lol, and they didn't.

It was a short ceremony only 7 minutes but in the scheme of things all you really need to do is say 'I do'.
Daughter-in-law got walked down the aisle by her father and most of the immediate families were there. The person that was officiating said some sweet things.

They also had some friends from the college dil works at.  So in all, there was probably about 20 people.

One of son's friends he went to school from kindergarten with lives in California and he was able to come.  He is a photographer and took pictures as their gift.  We are able to download them or print them for free which is a big plus.  After the ceremony, they went to several locations to take pictures around Las Vegas.

We all had dinner at a restaurant that was on Fremont Street which was very good.  They plan to have a reception/celebration in Ohio next year for the 1st anniversary.

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