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Monday, June 15, 2015

What's been happening

Not much, mainly mundane things doctors, dentists.  I have been sitting on the patio a lot.  The weather has been mostly great for it.

I did go with Magellan and another dinner friend to a rib cook-off.  There are many in Northeast Ohio but I've never gone to any.  There was a particular band Magellan follows to different bars/clubs and they were going to be at this particular cook-off so we went.

I did buy some food but not ribs, a pulled pork sandwich.  It was delicious.  It was from a place in Texas. 

We sat and watched the band, it was so fun.  The opening act which is a female singer wasn't there for some reason so the group Magellan likes sang two sets.  They sang mostly Motown which I love.  It drizzled off and on.  We almost left a couple of times but we stuck it out to the end.

I was disappointed a little when I noticed a Euclid Beach Ice Cream stand because I was filled up from the sandwich.  Years ago on the Eastside of Cleveland, there was an amusement park called Euclid Beach Park.  We used to go when I was little.  It did close in 1969 though.  They were quite famous for their popcorn and taffy (at least around here).  A company still sells it and it can be ordered online.  I vaguely remember they had good ice cream and they had a stand at the cook off.  If I would have known I probably would have forgone the sandwich for the ice cream to see if I could remember what it tasted like.  

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