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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  Over the weekend I was watching hoarders on TLC.  After it was over some episodes of the new show, Sister Wives came on.  It looked like something I would like but so far - not so much.  Anyone see it?  What did you think?

2. Tuesday when leaving the nursing home there was an elderly woman struggling to carry things inside from the parking lot.  I told her I would help and grabbed a very long brown paper bag from her.  As we were walking towards the door, the woman told me her husband had both his legs amputated and she was bringing the right prosthetic leg so he could do rehab with it.  Oh my!

3.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have come up with a candidate that would start a campaign ad with "I'm not a witch".

4.  A couple of people might have gotten the wrong impression on my Saturday Centus post last week.   I was not talking about myself.


Anne Alagna said...

One point #1. I agree. I never would have started watching Sister Wives from the commercials I had seen, but since it came on after Hoarders, I watched a few minutes of it. I am not a fan at all. It is not that I am against polyamourous lifestyles, because I am not. I believe what bothers me is that this man has brought TV into his families' lives at a troublesome time when he is seeking out a new, additional mate. And it is obvious that this is not the appropriate time for such a change since two of the wives (did I get that right) are currently pregnant and emotionally needing him more AND it has been 16 years since they last added a wife to the family indicating that it is not -in any way- a necessity at this time. That made me feel like he is an ass and that this was not a well thought out decision. I will not continue to watch it, and turned the channnel before the end of the show that night.

J. Kwiatkowski said...

I used to watch Hoarders, I wondered if it was still on. I ditched cable, though, so it takes a greater effort to watch a show. I watch soooo fewer shows now.
I also can't believe O'Donnell has wasted public time talking about how people should not touch themselves. Is this someone you can trust as a legislator? Really?

Cheryl said...

Oooops. I thought the Centus was about you. Doesn't much matter, though. It's heartbreaking no matter who it was.

BECKY said...

Oh Viki! These were so good!!

GardenofDaisies said...

Wow, really thought provoking random thoughts. :-) I have not see the Sister Wives show. I have seen the ads and I just feel so sad for the women involved in that situation. I personally think the man is an insensitive, self-centered, jerk!!

So much of the time we go through life taking everything we have for granted. What an eye opening experience to carry a prosthetic limb.

Yeah... the witch thing.... well... I hope the people in her state figure her out before they go to vote.

I have read through some of your most recent posts. I join you in encouraging all women to take control of their health and go for their yearly mammograms. Being alive and well is so much more important than a couple of seconds of feeling squished.

Hugs to you.

Jo said...

I have stopped watching horders ... it just upsets me to see the emotional wreckage that lies within some of these people ... i wish them all well
Sister Wives, i havent watched but i already detest ... I feel so sad for these women ... and i want to tell them to grab a back bone and that they deserve much more out of life than a selfish jerk ...

Mumsy said...

By chance, I watched a couple shows of hoarder, and couldn't believe it..Is this for real, or did they toss everything in a house to make a show?

Judie said...

Fariday my son and I were at Lens Crafters to have glasses repaired. Mine were easy, but his had to be re-made. While we were waiting for his to be checked, an elderly woman with a knee brace and a walker came in. All the seats were taken in the waiting area by two adult men, and two young women. Not one offered the woman their seat. I gave her my seat, and glared at the people who should have gotten up. They all looked away from me.