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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shrink the Whale

I found these 9 affirmations after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They were very helpful to me.  I thought they may be helpful to others as well no matter if your dealing with cancer or another illness.

Nine affirmations to help Shrink the Whale

by the Rev. Dr. Lynn Vanderhoof, D.min., Thomas Jefferson University Health System

1. Knowledge: The more I know of my own condition, the better; to be unaware is to be frightened.

2. Decision-making: The more informed decisions I actually make for myself, the more I feel in charge and the less helpless I feel.

3. Belief in my physician: The more I can trust my doctors, the more confidence I will have in my treatment plan.

4. Support: Especially talking to others who have been through the same or a similar experience, and knowing they have come out the other side, is reassuring.

5. Timeliness: The smaller the delay from discovery to diagnostic testing to report to treatment, the less time there is for me to mentally live the "worst-case scenario."

6. Faith: Awareness that there is some being or force greater than myself helps me keep myself and my issues in better perspective.

7. Humor: An ability to laugh with others, to laugh at myself and even at the indignities inherent to treating cancer, keeps me emotionally balanced.

8. Being heard: Stating my needs in as clear a way as possible and insisting the healthcare professionals with whom I am working take my questions/needs seriously is essential to a healing process.

9. Counting myself part of the healthcare team: No one can know my body like I can, no one can know what symptoms are unusual for me like I can, and this makes my contribution central to my own healing.

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