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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Centus - Special Challenge

It's Saturday Centus day but it's a special challenge.  Instead of the usual prompt we have to write 100 words relating to a picture.  Go over to Jenny's and see the picture It's a pumpkin patch.  The link will be up until next Saturday, so join in.

Since this is breast cancer awareness month,  this is going to be in honor of Stage 4 breast cancer gals.

October the most fabulous month of the year.  I always loved fall.  The start of cooler weather; the start of the holidays.  Now though I go into it with trepidation.

After so many years being cancer free suddenly to be Stage 4 is so unbelievable.  They say it's a chronic disease now.  That's a nice way to put it, I guess.

I pulled into the farm and head right for the pumpkin patch.

I see Shelly with her head scarf and I want to run away.  She comes to me, hugs me and says, "I know" and she really does.  


Cheryl said...

Tough one, Viki. Thanks for sharing this important message.

Deborah said...

That last part is so very touching it bought a lump to my throat ... such an important message, well written.

Bookie said...

Oh, so real it scared me. Excellent writing.

My name is PJ. said...

Something this well-written could only come from one who knows it up close. Very moving, Viki!

mrs. c said...

Your story is so moving and so true. When this happens it is so surreal. I have had several friends that have faced this struggle. Thank you for once more calling attention to something that can be prevented, we need to take care of ourselves.

Anna said...

Give a goblin in a pumpkin patch rather that that kind of a nightmare. This is the scarriest story of all, because it could be true.
Your text is very important.
Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes,

Anna's SC Special Challenge Week 22

Terra said...

Hugs to all who have or are suffering. Fabulous way to wrap a beautiful message in this mornings prompt. Well done.

Sue said...

How do you always manage to make your statement while still remaining so true to the prompt?

Excellent job.


5thsister said...

Aw, Viki...nice voice to the cause!

skinner675 said...

Well done to use creativity to spread the word!

Ames said...

I have had so much sorrow in my life that the one thing I know to be true is that I am just not good at expressing sentiments to others. I tend to feel their pain too much. Nothing I say can make it better. I'm better at hugs. Good use of the prompt Vicki. Hugs! ~Ames

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Wow, you are a woman of courage. Thank you for this post.
I'd be honored to follow along, so I shall.
Blessings and faith.
PS I have a friend who survived her second bout of breast cancer and is doing better than ever.

Judie said...

Three friends--Me, BJ,and Maryann--We did lunch, we played bridge, we created fabulous art. Two got cancer. Both had double mastectomies. Both were pronounced FREE of cancer after 5 years. Year six, Maryann calls. It's come back, she tells me. In her lungs, in her brain, everywhere. BJ calls. It's come back, she tells me. In her spine. Maryann and BJ make a wager as to who is going to die first. Maryann wins. BJ and I go to the funeral. We cry and hug. BJ goes back on chemo. Six months later, she is dead. I go to the funeral in the same church. I cry. I go home and wonder how I managed to escape. I miss them.
Their art hangs on my wall. I miss them.

Tgoette said...

Wow, Viki, this was a powerfully written piece. Excellent job!

Teresa said...

Nicely written and very realistic.

Tina said...

I can just picture shelly in that field. what a touching story and a nice tribute.

Tina from
Mummy Diaries

cj Schlottman said...


Thanks for this beautifully written and powerful reminder. I pray to God it is not really you.

I've been active in The Fight since we lost our daughter-in-law in 2004 at the age of 40.

God bless every woman who struggles with this deadly epidemic..........cj

Anonymous said...

Oh that makes me cry. Very powerful - thank you for sharing that!

Kat said...

What a wonderful and creative way to tie the prompt to such an important message. Beautifully done. Kat

Jenny said...

Viki. This was powerful and compelling.

I feel worried about you.

Judie's comment made me cry.

What an amazing emotional offering in only 100 words.

Stuttering around here trying to gather the right words, but I cannot.

Thank you for the message. Thank you for linking.

RockiBottom said...

Great job tying in this important message to the prompt. Very moving!