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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random thoughts

1.  They put mom on another 14 days of the antibiotics for c  diff.  She's feeling fine though, just lonely from having no roommate.

2.  2010 Christmas, hippie and I got gift cards from Macy's from my brother and his wife.  I've been wanting to start trying to buy more things made in the USA.  With the money they gave me this Christmas,  I was able to buy 4 place settings of Fiesta ware.  

3.  I really need new drinking glasses, for some reason this year I was clumsy.  I'm thinking of buying them from Anchor Hocking - again USA made.   

4.  Does anyone watch Biggest Loser?  The last couple of years, I can't put my finger on it but Bob Harper really seems to have changed.  I don't like him as well as I used to.   

5.  I've been in a little bit of organizing mood lately.  I tackled a container that I have with things that I've saved over the years.  I really went to it and got rid of more than half the stuff.  I mean, who needs cards from our wedding that people gave us 34 years ago, ha.  I haven't looked at them for years.  Also, what do you do with all the pictures you get in Christmas cards?  I have hundreds of them.  Some people didn't put a name on or how old they were.  I don't even know who some of them are lol.   


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I can the saving and pictures ;0)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

All good wishes to your mom. NO FUN....sigh.

Ames said...

You crack me up Viki. My mom saved all her cards, newspaper clippings, recipes, old envelopes with addresses of people that were probably dead and gone. Not to mention old receipts from the Power company 40 years ago. When she died we were left with the big mess of tossing the little bits and pieces of her life.

My thoughts are do you own things? Or do they own you? I purge everyday.

Rule of thumb:
1.) Haven't worn it or it's not seen the light of day for 1 year...donate it.
2.) Everytime something new comes in the house something has to leave. Or else you have a ton of crap and then your closets start filling up.
3.) Donate, Donate, Donate, and take the tax write-off. Having a garage sale is a pain in the keester. My tax man says you can claim more per item than what you are practically giving it away for a a garage sale.
4.) Divide and Conquer. Spread the love. Who died and made me keeper of all the family photo's that noone wants to deal with? I have 3 sisters. I scan the ones of them I want. Then I divide them up and mail them to them. Ha!
5.) I set an empty bin on top of my dryer and anything that is going to be donated gets tossed in the bin. You'ld be surprised how fast it fills up. I go weekly to the thrift stores and donate. I also buy when I'm there but I really have to decide "DO I just want this? Or do I really need this?" Helps to keep me in line.

Geez Louis I could have done a post on all this. Maybe I will later.

Sorry to here about your mom. You might want to encourage her to eat some yogurt or take some acidophilus so she doesn't get a yeast infection. ~Ames