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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Centus #88

It looks like I picked a good day to come back and do the centus - NOT, lol.

Jenny chose a literary device the rules are:

THE PROMPT THIS WEEK IS: Hanging off a cliff! (Might as well be literal while we're attempting to use this literary device!)
WORD COUNT - Not to exceed 100 words plus the 4 words of the prompt. 104 words total.
STYLE OF WRITING - Any so long as you utilize a cliffhanger writing device to wrap your story up. Next week we'll do an additional 100 words for the rest of the story.

My prompt will be in blue.  Check out the other centus here: 

Dot watched the ball drop from Times Square on TV and then her phone started ringing like it had done for the past 45 years.

“Hello, Sister.”

“Hi Dot, Happy New Year.” 

“Happy New Year.” 

“Talk to you later.  Good night.”

“Good Night.”

Next year might be different, Dot thought.  Would I even be here?   She knew she should have told someone that she went for the biopsy but she just couldn’t. Not yet.   

She was nervous about the results and felt like she was hanging off a cliff.  
The phone started to ring. 
“Dot, this is Dr. Jones.  I’m sorry….”


Ames said...

I hate waiting to hear results back from those dreaded test. And you don't dare discuss your worries because then everyone else will worry too. So when the doctor says I'm sorry right off the bat you just know it's bad news. I would rather they have some sympathy and call you back in their office so they can see the anguish and pain when they tell you the news.~Ames

Christine said...

hate that feeling too, hate more when they say come back in 3 months and get retested, those cliff hangers are the worst

Sue said...

Hopefully, he's just sorry that it took him so long to call her back! Or sorry to have interrupted her New Year's celebration...

(always the optimist)

Good job! Can't wait to hear if the news is good or bad.


anitamombanita said...

ugh...I'm hoping he's just sorry for pocket dialing her so late at night! Medical tests are the ultimate cliff hanger, no? Nicely done!

Judie said...

There seems to be something really sneaky about your story! People think they know the answer, but I don't believe they do! GOOD WORK!!

Tracy said...

I also hope he is apologising for calling so late

Rek said...

That's a very scary cliffhanger...hope the ending is not what I am thinking...or is he going to use the reports as an excuse to ask her out. :)

Anna said...

I have read your profile, so I know that you know first hand about these things. Maybe this is a common practice in the US, but I don't think a doctor in Sweden (where I live) would do this.

If it is really bad news I think they would have someone else call to ask the patient to come in to the office and there they would say all the bad news. Not on the phone.

Glancing at Sue's comment, you may just have him say that he is sorry to be calling on a holiday, but that he thought she might like to get some good news. That happened to me once. I nurse called me on the phone so that I did not have to worry about some test results.

I'll be back to read part two!

Best wishes,
Anna's SC Week 88 Cliffhanger

Jo said...

oh this was really good ... a true cliffhanger that many of us can relate to ... what a good story Viki, I can't wait to read the next installment,

Jenny said...

Wait? What? What is going on with the sisters? What does the doctor say? Can she call her sister back? Oh man. I gotta zip through the rest of these so I can read part two!