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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #23

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here.  


In the courtyard there were a few people out already.  Cheryl removed some of the chairs from a table and we pushed the people in wheelchairs up to it.  The rest of us sat in chairs.  Cheryl went to the other side of the courtyard and called someone on her cell phone. 

“It’s another gorgeous day out.  Maybe some time we can get some men to come out with us” I said.  All the ladies laughed.

Gladys said “I haven’t been outside for a long time.  The mums are just beautiful.  I can’t wait for the kids to come for Halloween.  It was always one of my favorite holidays when my kids were young.”

Another lady said “We would dress up like our kids to hand out candy.”

“Me too” several of the other women said.

“Wouldn’t that be fun to do that when the children came here?  We wouldn’t have to have elaborate costumes.  What do you think” I asked.

“Let’s do it” Clara said.

“Yes” said the others.

“I’m sure we all have things in our rooms that could be used for costumes and if somebody doesn’t, we could borrow from each other. “ I suggested. 

“We have all day to figure out a costume.  Tomorrow after lunch we can get together and everyone will tell what they will be.  This way if someone is missing something we can figure out if someone has something they can use” Clara said.

“Okay” we all agreed.

“Uh oh, what do you think the club ladies will say” the tall woman with jet black hair asked.

“Nancy who cares what they think” Clara said indignantly. 

“Well I’m just saying.  You know how they can be.”

“It’s not like we’re having everyone dress up.  It will just be the six of us.  Don’t worry about it.”

“All righty then, I won’t” Nancy said.

Cheryl came over and asked “Are any of you ladies getting chilly?”

“No I’m fine” we said in unison.

“I’ll be back.  I have to use the restroom” and she went.

“Cheryl is such a nice girl” a lady with salt and pepper curly hair said.

“Your right Mildred, I think of all the aides I like her the best” Gladys said.  “She has such a gentle touch.”

“I haven’t seen you before Annie.  Are you new here” a heavy set woman asked.

“Yes, I just came a few days ago.”

“My names Audrey how do you like it here so far?”

“So far, I like it pretty well.”

“Hey, does anyone want to sing a few songs” Mildred asked and started singing an old classic.

We all started to sing with Mildred, even the people that were sitting at other tables started to join in.  When we finished the first song, they started one and we joined in what they were singing.  For about two hours we must have sung every song ever known to man.

It started to get cloudy and we could tell it was going to start to rain soon.  Cheryl starting pulling the chairs out so the people with the walkers could get up, and then we all left.

When we got back to the floor I asked Gladys where she wanted to go.  She asked me to take her to her room so I pushed her down.  She had a private room that was decorated beautifully. 

She said “Thanks Annie.  I don’t know when I’ve had such a good time recently.  I’m going to probably doze for a bit then think about what costume I’m going to choose.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later” and I left. 

I got to the day-room and I saw everyone that was outside must have gone to their rooms.  I thought I would check my email to see if Stella had emailed me. 

When I checked, I had no emails.  I closed up my account and went to my room. 

I started looking through my things and found a beautiful scarf.  I remembered when Julie was little when I couldn’t come up with a costume, she would always be a gypsy.  I put the scarf around my head and decided that’s what I would be.  I looked through my clothes and found a flowered full skirt and a blouse that could pass for a peasant blouse.

Now if only I could find some jewelry.  I went to the dresser and got my jewelry box out.  I found hooped earrings and some beaded necklaces Hank had bought me that I hadn’t worn for years.  Yep, this would be a great costume I thought. 

I was feeling tired so I lay down and took a nap.


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