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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #26

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here.  


We all ate our breakfast while we talked about our costumes. After we ate I had an idea and said to Gladys “How about since we’re done, we go to your room and look around to see if we could come up with an idea for a costume for you?”

“Okay” she said.

“I’ll meet you down there.  I’m going to check on the yarn for Nancy” and I headed to my room.     
I opened the chest and a found some green yarn.  I took a couple of yarn needles with me in case Nancy didn’t have any and I went to Gladys room.

The ladies were looking through Gladys’s things. 

“Here Nancy I think this is the exact color that you need.  I brought some needles too just in case.”

“Thanks Annie, this is perfect” and she smiled.

“I found Gladys has this headband and a lot of artificial flowers.  What if we glued some flowers on the headband and she has this lovely white dress.  She could be Mother Nature” Audrey laughed.

“Yes” everyone said including Gladys.

The next couple of days were busy ones.  I helped putting flowers on the headband for Gladys. She had a long flowing white dress and I found that I had a gold fabric sash that would look lovely around her waist.  I helped Audrey make the holes in her ghost costume.  Everyone pitched in with make-up for Clara and Nancy.  We had so much fun putting it on them to see what they would look like. We laughed so hard some of us had to go change our undergarments.    

Stella was never far from my mind though.  I hadn’t gotten an email from her or heard from Julie. The night before Halloween I called Julie and she answered the phone when I called.

“Hi honey, how’s Stella doing is she all right?”

“She’s not doing well at all, her pneumonia isn’t getting better.  Today they were going to start a new antibiotic to see if it would work.”

“This sounds a lot more serious than I thought.”

“Yes it is I’m not sure if she’s going to come through this.”

“She’s going to make it.  She’s a tough old bird.  Could I go and see her?”

“No mom, she’s highly contagious.  We can’t take that chance with you.”

“I’ll say a prayer for her.  Good night honey.”

“Night mom.”

The children were going to come about 10:00 in the morning.  Everyone decided we would get up early, eat breakfast and get ready.  I decided to go to bed so I could help the others get ready.

The next morning I got up and took my shower.  I decided to put my costume on right away.  I put on my clothes and thought I looked the part except for the accessories.  I got out my hooped earrings.  I had several beaded necklaces and put about five on.  I had a purple hair scarf that I tied around sideways.  All I would need to do before the children came was put on a some make-up.

Just as I was about to leave, Jim came in.  “Annie, your rocker’s all fixed.”

“Thank you Jim.”

“Are you going somewhere that you’re all dressed up?”

“Come on, can’t you tell this is a costume?”

“Well, I was wondering.  Sometimes people around here do wear some strange things” and we both laughed. 

“Some of us decided to get dressed up for when the kids come.”

“I bet they’ll get a kick out of it.  I have to go now.  Bye” and he left. 

I went to the day-room and Gladys already had her costume on.  Everyone else did too except for their make-up.  “Guess everyone was like me they couldn’t wait to get dressed up” and I chuckled.

“Well what do we have here” Kate asked. 

“We decided to get dressed up for when the kids come” Nancy said.

“That was a neat idea.  You all look great.”

“We’re not completely done.  Some of us still have make-up to put on” Clara said.

“I look forward to seeing that.” 

Just then the trays started to come and we ate breakfast.  After breakfast we all hurried to the rooms and put our make-up on and went back to the day-room.  We all were handed a bag of candy and we could see the children coming down the hall. 

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