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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy, Guilty, Frustrated and Sad

I'm happy because Ron got to go fishing today. He's missed so much time fishing over the last year or so. I hope he comes home with fish.

We aren't going to see Mom today partially because Ron went fishing. I also decided that's it's getting to Ron going every day except Saturday to see her. I'm going to tell her this weekend that we will be coming four days only and see how that works out. My brother usually goes on Saturday. I find both Ron and I have a hard time doing things when we get home from seeing her. I don't know why. We only stay 1/2 to 45 minutes plus the ride to and from. Today since we didn't go to the nursing home, I got a lot of cleaning done. I feel a little guilty only going 4 days but I think it will be better. The nurse called a little while ago and said Mom's blood pressure was a little low the last couple of days. She talked to the doctor and one pill she was taking three times a day they are going to drop it to two pills a day and see how that goes. Also, she's been doing so well with the diabetes she will still get what she gets for medication but they will now be testing only once a week. I really like this nurse that called me. I talked to her about Mom getting a left hearing aid from Medicaid. So she was going to work on that. She said it may take a couple of months.

We sent the Roomba back but now I think it's going to be messed up. It's been so frustrating. I sent them two emails saying that we had two return merchandise authorization numbers. Yesterday, when we didn't hear anything we just sent it back using the second one but the first one was on the UPS label they sent us. Today, I got an email saying we are supposed to put the first one on. Oops, too late. I emailed them back and told them what we did. I told them I hope this isn't going to be a huge problem. I also told them how frustrated I've been with this whole process. Unfortunately, when they send these emails they are just a standard email that they send everyone.

I've been reading this girl's blog for a couple of years now. She just died from breast cancer on Friday. She was only 44 years old. She first got it in 2000 and then had a recurrence in 2006. Over the last few weeks, I've gone with two friends because they've had bad mammograms. One I went for the biopsy with and one to the surgeon. So far the first one's were benign. My other friend is waiting for her biopsy next week and they think hers will be benign too. I hope so. For those that knew my friend, Lynn, I still think of her all the time, she had breast cancer. Also, I think about Vicki (my sister-in-laws sister-in-law) a lot still. She had ovarian cancer. Both of them were in their 50's. It's sad that woman are still dying from cancer.

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vinda said...

hi viki: thank you for leaving a comment on Kelly's blog....that's very touching. we are all still having a struggle. just wanted to touch base with you. hope you value every second of all your friendships. because of what you said...when I come across a blog I like, I have been leaving comments. happy friday! Vinda (Kels friend)