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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random thoughts

We finally took Mom her phone last week and I could program four numbers in. I figured this way she could just push one button to call me. I wasn't sure she really would use it but we took it anyhow. Yesterday afternoon she finally called me to say after my brother (he came yesterday) and I left the foot doctor came. Hopefully, she will call me more often now that she knows how to do it. I will see if she starts using it more maybe I can leave her some numbers and she can figure out how to call people just using phone numbers.

I got her mail and on her electric bill it said "Thank you for being a loyal customer and we will be sending you a check for the balance." I thought what the heck. Also, there was a bill with mom's address but someone else's name. I called the electric company and they had already realized the mistake and sent another bill. I was happy. Last year something similar happened with the gas company and it took about 4 or 5 months to get it straightened out. She kept getting a final bill and I was worried they would turn the gas off.

Returning my birthday present is becoming an ordeal. On Saturday, I got an email with the instructions and Ron has to take it apart and only send certain things back. We weren't exactly sure on the instructions so we called yesterday. Now we know what to send back but now we have two return authorization numbers which is a dilemma. I emailed them yesterday trying to find out which one to use on the inside and outside of the box but I didn't hear back. I emailed them this morning telling them I'd like an answer ASAP so we could send this back. Ron's not too happy as you can imagine.

Today's my birthday. The funny thing is all year I was thinking I was 58 so it's really no big deal now LOL.

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