The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday thoughts

A little while after we got up this morning a tree guy came next door. The people that live there have been having trouble with their sewer and I saw the service department from the city there yesterday. It looks like the roots from the tree on their front lawn must be the cause of the sewer issues. Although I am just surmising this because I haven't talked to the lady yet ;-) the tree guys cut the tree down and pulverized the stump. We were so happy. For some reason, this tree didn't shed it's leaves until the winter time. No more leaves in the snow LOL.

I was gone quite a bit today. I was going to take my friend, Laurie, to see my mom's freezer -- she might buy it. She was late in getting started and had to go to a seamstress. So, I just went with her Then we went to Home Depot. She wanted a winter fertilizer. I ended up (I think) buying my gift exchange, unless I change my mind and decide to keep it or give it to someone else, for the dinner friends Christmas dinner. Then we went to Entenmann's outlet store. I had a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but then put it back and bought a plain pound cake. Ron doesn't care for chocolate all that much and I thought this would be better and probably less fattening for me. We went to Mom's for a quick look at the freezer. Then she needed stuff from Aldi's. After that, we decided we were hungry and went to Ruby Tuesday's because neither of had eaten yet. She bought my meal for my birthday. How nice was that. When we got out of the restaurant it felt like the temperature had dropped about 15 or 20 degrees. I hope those two days it was nice wasn't our Indian summer.

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