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Friday, November 2, 2012

Mary #33

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When she walked in the kitchen, she saw a beautiful wooden table.  “I love your table.” 

“Thanks, I made it.” 

“Did you know my Pa did woodworking?”

“I sure did.  Sometimes I would watch him work and he would show me how to do different things I wasn’t sure of.  In fact, he came over a few times when I was making the table and chairs and helped.” 

“Can I help you with anything?” 

“You can set the table if you like while I get the food out of the oven.  The dishes are in the top cupboard to the left of the sink.” 

Mary got the dishes out and put two on the table.  Then she went back in the living room and brought the glasses.  She guessed and found the right drawer with the silverware.   

“Do you have any napkins?” 

“I’m afraid not.  Maybe we can just use the paper towels.”   

Mary went to the holder and tore two paper towels off and put them on the table.  Eli brought a silver container and put it on the table; also a container of salad.   

“What kind of salad dressing do you like?  I have French, Poppy seed or Italian.” 

“Poppy seed is good for me.”    

As he was getting it, she went back to the cupboard and got two salad bowls.  They both sat down and filled their bowls with salad. 

“I hope you like lasagna.”

“I love lasagna.”   

He cut out a piece and put it on her plate and then cut a piece for himself.

They were doing more eating than talking.  Eli got up when he noticed Mary didn’t have any more water and filled her glass.” 

“Thank you” she said. 

“So, who’s your decorator?” 

He laughed.  “There’s not much decorating done.  You can tell I don’t have a lot of furniture either.  Rachel and I lived in an apartment and didn’t have much, at least not enough to fill all the space here.  Eventually, I’d like to get some more.”  

“I remember the Findley’s lived here when I was young.  When they passed on the kids sold the property.  I never met the people that bought the place.” 

“I didn’t get to meet them either.  Unfortunately, they got foreclosed on.  I felt kind of bad for them.” 

“That must have been terrible for them but I’m glad someone bought it that really cared about it.  I don’t think I can eat another bite.  I’m stuffed.” 

“I’m pretty full myself.  I’ll clean up.”  

“I’ll help” and Mary got up and started taking the dishes to the sink while Eli started putting foil over the leftover lasagna and salad.  She ran some water in the sink and started washing the dishes.  Eli picked up a dishtowel and started drying. 

“Maybe when we’re done, we could go sit outside for a while.  I remember there used to be a bench way back right before the woods. Is that still there?” 

“Why, yes it is.  I always thought it was a strange place for a bench.” 

“It would seem strange unless you knew the Findley’s.  Mr. Findley put it there for his wife.  They had a lot of children.  When she wanted peace and quiet she would go back there and read or knit. I always thought it was the sweetest thing that he did that for her.” 

“Mystery solved,” and he laughed. 

They finished up the dishes and went out the back door with Ralph following behind. They started to walk toward the back of the field where the bench was. 

“It’s so good to be back.  I really miss these wide open spaces living in New York.  The town isn’t so small anymore.  I was shocked to see how much it has been built up.”

“Perhaps because I didn’t grow up in a place like this, it still seems small to me.” 

“If you like it now, you really would have loved it back in the day.” 

“I’m sure I would have.” 

“What was it like growing up in California?” 

“It was a pretty good life.  Mom stayed home.  Dad had his own business.  They are both gone now. We had a three bedroom ranch.  Your neighbors you could practically reach out and touch them.  I had no brothers or sisters.” 

“Oh I get it, you were a spoiled brat,” and she laughed. 

“One would probably say that.  Rachel lived a few doors down from us.  We went through school together and when we got to high school, we started looking at each other differently.  We started to date.  We went to the same college and when we were done we got married.” 

“So, are you happy you moved here after what happened to your wife and child?” 

“I think it was the best thing I did.  It’s helped me a lot being in the country and learning to work the farm.  Most of what I know is due to your parents especially your father, he showed me the ropes and your mom was always such a good listener.” 

“Yeah, they were great people.   Do you know what time it is?” 

“It’s 7:15.” 

“Wow, the time sure did go by fast.  I think I should be going.  Elizabeth must be home by now and I’m anxious to hear what happened at her appointment.  I want to thank you for supper.  It was really good.” 

“I’ll walk you to your car.  Maybe we can do this again sometime. I’m sure there’s a lot more I don’t know about you.” 

“That would be great.”  

When they got to her car, he awkwardly hugged her and she got in the car and waved goodbye.



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