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Friday, November 30, 2012

Mary #37

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


Mary went in the kitchen and got a bottle of wine.  She put it on the coffee table, poured herself a glass and picked up her phone and went on the internet.  She wanted to see what they had to say about knitting chemo hats.  She found a good site.  Good thing her Ma had this soft yarn this should be perfect for the hat.  She found a pattern and started knitting.  This will work up quickly she decided.

It was getting to be about 2 and she wondered when Elizabeth would be back.  She decided to have something to eat and went in the kitchen and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and took it on the porch.  Her phone started ringing.  


“Hi Mary.”

“Elizabeth I was just thinking about you.  Do you know when you’re coming back?  I was trying to think of what we could have for supper.”

“I decided I’m going to sleep home tonight.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m positive.”

“How did everything go today?”

“It was pretty tough.  Jody did a fantastic job on my hair. If I would have known what I looked like with short hair, I would have done it a long time ago” and she laughed.

“Did you go for the chemo class?”

“Yeah, Donna took me.  Listen to this; I’m going to get one kind of chemo that’s nickname is the red devil.”

“Oh goodness, they told you that?”

“For heaven’s sake, no.  I heard them mention the name when they told me I had cancer and I looked it up and read about it.  I’ll only be getting that for four weeks though.  I’ll also be getting another one until it would stop working.  If it does, they’ll switch to another one.”

“What time do you have to go tomorrow?”

“Mary would you pick me up and take me for my treatment we would have to leave my house by 10.  I need blood work done before treatment.”

“Of course I will.”

“I think Donna might be a little upset with me when I told her I wanted you to take me.  I really don’t want to bring up bad memories for her sitting in the chemo room.  They took us into the room today and I could see her turn pale at the sight of it.”

“I’m sure she understands.”

“I’ll see you in the morning.  I want to do a few things around here.  I’m also going to pack some more of my clothes.  I’d rather stay with you until I know how I’m going to react to the treatments.”

“That sounds good.  If you need anything tonight or just want to talk call and let me know.”

“Okay, Bye” and she hung up.

When Mary got off the phone, she clicked on the internet while she finished eating her sandwich.  She searched for the term red devil chemo and up came up with the drug.  It frightened Mary when she read about it and thought no wonder they call it the red devil and she shivered. 

Lulu jumped up next to Mary. 

 “Lulu, we’ll have to make sure we watch Elizabeth real close after she has her treatment so nothing happens to her” and Lulu purred loudly.

Mary got back to knitting when her phone rang again.   

“Hi Mary, are you busy” it was Sadie.

“No, I’m knitting.  Aren’t you still at work?”

“You would think wouldn’t you?  I just got escorted out of the building.”

“What happened?”

“I’m not sure.  No one would tell me.  They just told me to pack up my stuff and they would escort me out.  It was the craziest thing.  I didn’t have that many days left anyhow.  Did you talk to Paul?

“Yes, but I didn’t tell him you were the one who told me about the bankruptcy.  I wasn’t mean or anything to him.”

“He must have known I was the one to tell you.  Who else would it have been?”

“Well that creep. After they email me some papers I have to sign, I’ll be unemployed right with you.  I was very civil to him but now I’m going to call Paul and tell him what I really wanted to say.”

“Don’t bother Mary. What’s done is done.  It was like a morgue in there anyhow.  What are you knitting?””

“I was going to knit some chemo hats for Elizabeth.  She’s going for her first treatment tomorrow and I’m going to take her.”

“That’s so nice of you.  I’m going to start writing up a resume.  I have to start looking for a job now.”

“I’m sure you’ll find something Sadie.  I just know it.”

“You know from your lips…  You can call me anytime now day or night.  Good luck tomorrow.  I’ll talk to you later.  Bye”

“Bye Sadie” and  she hung up the phone and started to knit again. 


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