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Monday, December 3, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #31

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here.  


In the morning when I got to the day-room I saw that the maintenance people were bringing boxes and putting them by the Christmas tree.  I was the last of the ladies to get to the table.  They were all chattering about if they should ask about helping to decorate.

“Hey Jim, Can I ask you a question” I asked as he just about to leave.

“Sure Annie, what can I do for you?”

“It’s not exactly what you can do for me but what we can do for you?”

“And that would be….” he asked chuckling.

“How about letting us ladies decorate the tree in here and in the family room?”

“You know in all the years I’ve been here no one’s ever asked.  That would be fine with me and it would save us some time.  Kate, what do you think about that?  Would it be okay with you?”

“I think that would be fun for the ladies.  I bet they’ll really do a good job.  I can have Cheryl help them with the boxes.”

“Well ladies, it’s all yours and thanks for the help.”

“No, thank you” Clara said.

“Let the festivities begin when we’re done with breakfast “Nancy quipped. 

“Okay” we said laughing.   

When breakfast came everyone hurriedly ate.  We were the first ones done and we headed over to the boxes and tree.  I started opening the boxes and Cheryl asked “Do you all need help?”

“No I think we’ll be fine for now” I said. 

There was an empty table by the tree and Nancy, Mildred, Audrey and I started putting them on a table so we could see what we had.  When we were done, we let Clara get up to the tree with her wheelchair, handed her some ornaments and let her do some of the bottom of the tree.

When Clara decided she had put on enough she said “I’m done with this tree, how about we give Gladys a turn.”

Gladys said “Thanks but I think I’m better at being a supervisor.  Clara you can help me now” and we all laughed.

“How would you like some music? I think I have just the thing” the activities director said as she was walking through the day-room.  She went to the CD player and put on some Christmas music.

As we put the decorations on, we sang Christmas carols and laughed.  When we put up all the decorations up, all we needed to do was put the beautiful angel on the top but we had to find someone to do that.

We all sat and were admiring the tree when I heard “Hi Grandma.”

“Josh, you didn’t say anything about coming today.”

“Aunt Julie called last night.  She was going to get the stuff ready this morning that you wanted.  She had to go into the hospital so she called mom to see if she could bring it and I said I would.”

“Well, isn’t that sweet of you.  Ladies, I want you to meet one of the most handsome, kindest boy’s in the world my grandson, Josh.”

“Hi Josh” everyone said.

“Hi” he said blushing.

“Maybe you can help us out Josh and put the angel on the top of the tree for us” Clara said.

“Sure” and he pulled up a chair, got on it and put the angel up.

“Good job.  It’s straight and everything” Nancy said and Josh laughed.

“I got the stuff you wanted in the hallway grandma.”

“You go and visit” Mildred said.  “We can do the other tree tonight.”

“Okay” and Josh left and we went to my room.

“Put those boxes over there by that window seat.  That’s where I’m going to display my village.”

He took the boxes off the cart and said “Your room looks nice grandma.  I’m sorry I haven’t visited a lot.  Since I got your car though I’ve been cracking the books so I make sure I don’t lose it.”

“That’s okay.  How long do you plan on staying.”

“I thought I could help you with your village.”

“Okay, let me call down to the desk and order you a lunch.  You came on a good day we are going to be having hamburgers” I picked up the phone and called and ordered a lunch for Josh.

In the meantime, he started opening the boxes and putting the village pieces on the table.  He put the cotton batting on the window seat and then he and I put the church, houses and stores in place.  He then put the little lights on and we lit it up and admired it.

“I think we did a good job.”

“Me too grandma.”

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