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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #32

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here.  


“Here are your lunches” Cheryl said as she put them on the table.

Josh and I sat at the table and started eating.

“This is pretty good” Josh said surprisingly.

“Yes, the food is excellent and the best thing is I don’t have to cook, clean up or wash dishes” and he laughed. 

“I really didn’t get to talk to you much yesterday, how’s the car working for you?”

“It’s been great.  Mom doesn’t have to pick me up.  I pick up a couple of my friends and get gas money.  I’m thinking about looking for a part time job.  You know in the fall I will be starting college.”

“Do you think you can handle school and a job now?”

“I don’t see why not.  A lot of my friends do it.  I just have to convince my parents that it would be a good idea.”

“You just have to make a convincing argument as to why you need a job.”

“Grandma, can I tell you something but you can’t repeat it to my parents.”

“Okay, Josh.”

“Things haven’t been going well at home.  Mom and dad are arguing all the time about money.  They think I don’t hear them but I do.  Dad’s worried about losing his job and mom’s been trying to find a job but just can’t.”

“I didn’t realize it was that serious.  Your dad told me your mom wanted to get a job but he said it was for a vacation next year.  He probably said that because he doesn’t want me to know.”

“He doesn’t want anyone to know.  I’m not sure but I think they’re having problems with the house payments.”

“Oh no, it is more serious than I thought.  You don’t worry about it Josh.  I’ll figure out something to help.”

“I knew you would gram that’s why I told you” and I gave him a hug. 

Cheryl came in the room to take out the trays.  “There’s going to be a bingo game soon in our day-room in about 10 minutes.”

“You want to play Josh?”

“Sure grandma, let’s go.”

We went down and for the next hour Josh and I played bingo.  I was happy that my grandson was there.  All the ladies were happy he was there too and joked with him. 

“You better get going Josh.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.  Go do something with your friends while you have a couple of days off from school.”

“Okay” and he gave me a hug good-bye.  He waved to the ladies and they waved back.

“He’s such a nice boy” Clara said.

“I’m going to go rest a bit.  I’ll be back for supper.”

“Okay have a good rest” Clara said.

I turned the lights off in my room and turned the lights on in the village and shut my door.  I lay on the bed looking at the village and tried to figure out what I could do for Jerry and Sue and then I fell asleep.

When I got up I headed to the day-room and I saw Gladys sitting by herself.

“I think I had too much partying yesterday” I said as I went up to her and we laughed.

“Is everything okay Annie?”

“I found out from my grandson that his family is having money troubles.  I’m trying to think of what I could do to help.  I know my son wouldn’t take money from me.  His wife is looking for a job; I wish I knew where she get one.”

“Maybe you just came to the right person.”


“It isn’t widely known here but my son is the administrator here.  The receptionist will be leaving in February.  Do you think your daughter-in-law would be interested?”

“I don’t know but I could ask.  There must be a ton of applicants though.”

“No, they haven’t announced it yet.  A lot of times he hires by word of mouth.  Let me talk to my son and see what I can do.”

“That would be wonderful.  Thanks Gladys.

The other ladies started coming down as the trays were coming.

We ate and went straight to the family room and started decorating the tree.   When one of the aides came in Gladys asked to go use the bathroom. 

When she came back, she called me to her and whispered “I have it all set up.  Tell your daughter-in-law if she’s interested to come in fill out an application and my son will interview her right away.  No promises.  We would keep it on the q t though because my son doesn’t want to stir up any trouble with the staff.” 

“That’s better for me; I don’t want Sue to know either.”  We finished decorating the tree and everyone went to their rooms.” 


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