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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #33

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here.  


I picked up the phone and dialed Jerry’s number and Sue picked it up.

“Hello Mom is that you?”

“Yes, caller ID huh?” and I laughed.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes dear, I wanted to thank you for letting Josh bring my village.  We had such a good time setting it up.  Jerry told me you were thinking of getting a job.  I don’t know if you would be interested but I found out they are going to be looking for a new receptionist here to start in February.”

“You know I haven’t worked in years but that sounds like something I could do.”

“Why don’t you come first thing on Monday and fill out an application.  You know the old saying “the early bird catches the worm.”

“Okay mom” and I could hear the excitement in her voice.  “When I’m done I’ll stop by for a visit.” 

“Good I’ll see you then.” 

As I lay down to go to sleep I thought that went well.  Now if she only gets the job that will be even better. 

I anxiously waited for Monday to come.   When it came, I woke up late and got in the shower.  When I came out my breakfast was sitting on the table with my pills.  When I got done eating, I noticed a box that Josh had brought that hadn’t been opened.  I wondered if we forgot some of the houses.  I hoped not, I couldn’t fit another thing on the window seat.  When I opened it, I found some of my snowmen.  Julie knew that besides my village I loved snowmen.  I started putting them all over the dressers and the top of my chest.  Now it really was feeling like Christmas. 

I had a flat snowman that said Welcome and I was putting it on the outside of my door when I heard an excited Sue say “Hi Mom.”

“Hi Sue, how did it go?”

“You wouldn’t believe it. It was the strangest thing ever. I filled out an application and then the receptionist said the administrator had time to interview me.  I was so nervous because I wasn’t expecting it but when I walked in it turned out that Tommy Taylor was the administrator.”

“Tommy Taylor?”

“Yeah, we were in high school together.  He was one of the gang I hung out with.  We never had a dating relationship be we were good friends.  We lost touch when he went to college.  We talked more about what we’ve been doing the last few years and about the job.  He said he knew I would do a good job and asked me if I wanted it and I accepted.  I will start training in January.  Can you believe it?”

“I’m thrilled for you honey.  How do you think Jerry and the kids are going to feel about it?  You know you won’t be home all the time now.”

“I think Jerry will be thrilled that I can keep an eye on you.  He’s accepted your decision to be here but he still worries about you.  The kids it will be an adjustment for them.  I think it will be good for them; it will make them need to be a little more independent and not count on me for everything.  Besides the hours will be pretty good 8 to 4.  I’ll get them to school and then they can go to the afterschool program for about an hour.

“Sounds like you have it all worked out already.”

“Good thing Julie is having Christmas this year.  I’ll have now until January 2nd to get my house in order.”

“Thanks for stopping by and telling me.  Why don’t you go home and tell Jerry and the kids.”

“Are you sure, we haven’t had much of a visit.”

“Come January we’ll be seeing each other all the time” and I laughed. 

“You’re right mom.  I’ll talk to you later.  I’m going to go straight home; we’re supposed to be getting snow tonight.  Bye” and she left. 

I went to the day-room and Gladys was there.  I told her the good news and she said “See I didn’t even have to pull any strings.  She got the job on her own” and we laughed. 

The next few weeks were fun filled weeks leading up to Christmas.  We had adult and children’s choirs that sang carols.   We had bell ringer playing Christmas tunes.  We did crafts making clothespin reindeers and ornaments.  We had so many Christmas cookies I thought I would burst.  

It was the season of joy.  When my family came everyone was happy, except I could tell that Jerry was still concerned but he was thrilled that Sue had a job that she seemed to be happy about. 

I thought maybe I had a way to solve their housing issues too but I was just biding my time.  I would wait until Christmas and then spring it on him. 

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