The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random thoughts on Tuesday

1.  My son's girlfriend was in town and is going back today.  She brought us a tin of cookies which I'm going to try to save for when my brother and his wife come for Christmas.  I hope I'm able to and I don't eat them all, ha.

2.  Yesterday at the nursing home, they had a little choir concert.  It reminded me of when I went to see my son perform when he was in grade school.  He was always not very attentive when they were singing.  Mom was similar.  For some reason, she was always a few words behind.  They would be done with the song and she would still be singing.  It seemed like she had a good time though.

3.  Before the concert they had a mass.  I got to see the Priest that my mother says one time before he gave her communion said "meet your maker", ha.  I didn't have the nerve to ask him if he really said it.  

4.  I got almost all of my wall washing done.  I still have to do the main bathroom but I'm not going to get it done by Christmas.  

5.  I hope everyone is done with their Christmas shopping.  We bought a few things and I got them all wrapped pretty quick.


Name: female, I shit you not! said...

I'm sure that priest didn't say those exact words too.
The translation was lost.
God Love your mother.
Knowing she is happy in her own little world is a GIFT in itself.

Vicki aka Jake said...

Wall washing? So what do you do in the Spring? haha
As for your mom's hearing, maybe he did say it, he just didn't say when....
Have a great Christmas Viki without a c :)

Cheryl said...

My grandmother sang and danced with a group that toured nursing homes. She was great with the singing; always at least a step or two behind with the dancing. Sounds like a fun time to me.

Now, as for you, step away from the cookies. Far far away.

mrs. c said...

sounds like you are so busy! I am impressed that you are washing walls in December! I love those Christmas programs, they are always so sweet. I hope you have a blessed holiday.