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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday Centus #34

It's Saturday Centus again - in a nutshell, Jenny Matlock gives us a prompt from either herself or a guest submitter and then we have to write 100 or words less related to the prompt (the prompt doesn't count toward the 100 words) Then link it up to her blog. It's open until the following Saturday, so that means you have all week to participate by either reading or writing.

While I'm waiting for my brother and sil to come, I figured I'd post my Centus.

The prompt is in bold.

Mary sat quietly praying for some sort of answers.

The white-bearded fat man rolled through the church doors. Mary started to get up to help but he quickly got up.

She watched as he went up to the crèche and prayed.

When he left, she went up to the crèche and noticed a note. She picked it up and it read “Jesus, it’s been a tough year for my family” and then the Serenity Prayer was written out.

Mary thought maybe this is the answer I’m looking for as she started to pray. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…..”


5thsister said...

Oh my! I adore this centus on so many levels. Tell Mary she can do day at a time!

jeff campbell said... fine...very creative take...peace and blessings

cj Schlottman said...


Prayer works in many ways. This post is ripe with both pain and hope, and it touches my soul.

Merry Christmas..........cj

Ames said...

Aren't we all looking for those answers? I loved this Viki.~Ames

Judie said...

Viki, this is an excellent post--very meaningful to so many people today. said...

This is very nicely done. It's both lighthearted and deep. Merry Christmas. xo

Dazee Dreamer said...

that was beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Simply elegant in its simplicity. Message received loud and clear.

noexcuses said...

Thank you! This is something all of us need to hear...some of us on a regular basis! Thanks for sharing!

Rek said...

Very sincere and touching...sometimes we forget the true meaning behind festivities... Merry Christmas though its over....happy weekend ;)

jfb57 said...

Very poignant post. Peace to you

Tgoette said...

Wow, Viki, this was really excellent work. Very touching and heartfelt. Well done!

Jo said...

Viki ... this touched me deeply ... beautifully done!

cj Schlottman said...

PS: Thanks for our comment on my little elf story!

Happy New Year..........cj

Anna said...

Dear Viki,
Wonderful Centus! I just love it! Very well-written and excellent use of the prompt, which 'fits like a glove' in the text!
You may or may not have noticed that I have the serenity prayer posted on my sideboard as a reminder to myself to keep things in the right perspective.

Thank you for your kind words on my SC-post.

Peace & Blessings,
For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's SC#34

Jenny said...

Oh Viki, this made me cry. What a beautiful poignant story. You really touched my heart with this.

Wishing you blessings, hope and discovery in 2011.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

You are really an excellent writer.