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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trip part 2

When we left Missouri, we traveled through Oklahoma.  It was pretty uneventful.  I did see a sign on the road that said the first shopping cart was invented there.  We stayed at another Super 8 in Oklahoma City.  This one had a room service menu.  You called an 800 number, and then they connected you to a local restaurant and they delivered what you wanted.  I got chicken fettuccine and hippie got a Philly cheese steak sandwich.  We turned the 7th game of the World Series on but I only watched about 2 innings and fell asleep LOL.  Hippie said it wasn't as exciting as the game the night before so I didn't miss much, considering we weren't really rooting for anyone.

The next day we traveled through Texas where we saw what looked like a big wind farm.  I've never seen so many wind turbines.

Then came New Mexico.  We stopped to get gas and the MasterCard wouldn't worked.  The pump said it was expired.  (We had this issue the last time when we couldn't use it the rest of the trip.  This time though we called and said we would be out of town, grrr) We stopped at dusk and stayed in Grants at another Super 8.   When we got to the room, I called and complained about our card not working.  The girl checked and said they didn't decline anything and next time if that happens to go inside and have them hand put it in.  There was another Denny's there so we walked over to it.  When we were walking hippie was a little ahead of me and a woman was walking out of one of the motels.  She and I both said hello to each other.  Then she asked if my friend could give her a dollar.  I reached in my purse and gave her $2.  She said she was from Dallas and didn't know what she was going to do, blah, blah, blah, although she was wearing a uniform from the hotel, ha, ha.  I knew I was being hoodwinked but that was okay.

Side note:  We were pretty happy with the Super 8's.  They weren't fancy but we used our AARP card and got the rooms a little cheaper  Also, every McDonald's we went to gave us the senior discount for coffee without us asking, lol. 

Next time Las Vegas


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Uneventful....can be good. ;0)

I'll have what "hippie" had. YUM!
Oh...remember now.... what goes on in Vegas...stays in Vegas.
Like Hell....spill it all! ;0)

Jenny said...

What a fun trip! Those wind farms are crazy, aren't they?