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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trip part 3

The next day it would take us until 4:30 to get to Vegas so we drove straight through.  We were pretty tired of being in the car already.

When we got there we went to our son's apartment.  He was sleeping.  He works nights (he has Monday and Tuesday nights off) and we said a quick hello and then his girlfriend took us to where we were staying.  We stayed one night at The Orleans because it was close to where they lived.  The room was very nice and was pretty reasonably priced.  I ordered a pizza and hippie went downstairs and got it.  On the order sheet it just said a whole pizza when I called she asked if we wanted 6 or 8 pieces, I said 8.  Holy Moley, this pizza was HUGE.  It was like an extra large one.  We ate 4 pieces and that was it.    Hippie went downstairs and gambled and I made a couple phone calls.  I never left the room the whole night.

The next day, we had to go to the DMV to get the title turned over and for them to get new plates for the car.  We checked in at 1:30 and got number 833.  When we looked they were only on 500 something.  We got done a little after 5:00.  It is so busy there that they have restrooms and a snack bar LOL. Since it was Halloween most of the workers were in costume.  A good portion of them were themed costumes from the Wizard of Oz.  There was Dorothy, Glenda the good witch, tinman, scarecrow, the lion, the wicked witch, yellow brick road and a couple of munchkin, including the mayor, ha.  Also, non-themed was the joker and a klingon (from star trek).  They all looked really good. 

When we were done there they took us downtown to Freemont Street where we stayed at the Fitzgeralds.  Since it was downtown, the rooms weren't as fancy but for the price they were fine.  On Halloween night they had a parade.  Freemont street was packed.  It reminded me of when you see Mardi Gras.  A lot of people were in costume.

We didn't go see any shows this time.  We walked up and down Freemont Street mostly and ate.  We did go to the Peppermill again.  I bought quite a few souvenirs for myself this time.   We also gambled a lot more.  We played the video blackjack machines and the poker machines at the bar that way we got free drinks LOL.

On Thursday, we took the shuttle to the airport.   We got home around 11 p.m.  All in all we had a great time.  We're thinking of going again in the spring.

 Side note:  I really didn't take any pictures.

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