The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Monday, March 25, 2013


When Magellan was getting her regular treatments on Thursdays and Fridays, she figured out a routine after being so sick the first couple of times.  No coffee before treatments, a couple of pieces of toast when she got there, only drinking 7 up and laying in the bed and trying to sleep some.  She continued the routine until she was done.

We used to joke that she was in the penthouse.  It had a bed, a recliner and usually something that we could put our purses on and while not big it was private.  We had some really good conversations there since we were there so many hours.

Enter Friday when she went for her first maintenance treatment.  She was in one of the open rooms with four recliners.  Shortly, after we got their, a woman was seated with us. We all talked.  She wasn't there all that long and no one else came the rest of the time.

It was different though.  Not the same conversations we used to have.  Too many people could overhear, ha, ha!

Magellan did pretty well over the weekend.  Thank goodness.  Hopefully, this maintenance will not be that bad for her.



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