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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Dinner

Having Easter dinner at the restaurant was pretty awesome.    At the place we went from 2-7, they had two Easter specials ham or pork tenderloin.  When I called to make a reservation which wasn't until last week, they only had one place left which was a booth at 6.  (We were lucky I got anything)  I was concerned if everyone would be able to fit and if brother's mil who is 80 would be good with it but I took it.

It turns out we were seated in the bar area.  I was disappointed at first but the place we sat was half booth and half not, ha!  So there was bench seating with a table and chairs on the other side which worked out well.  There also weren't a lot of people seated in there which was nice.

I shared a bottle of Riesling with my brother.  I went with the traditional ham which came with au gratin potatoes, I asked for broccoli instead of asparagus (don't like it) and a fruit compote (which is not my thing but I brought it home for hippie.)  The thing was they were out of the pork tenderloin but those that ordered that opted for pork chops.  Brother got scallops with linguini.  

We were full and brought home leftovers which we will have today.  Also, we took home dessert a big yummy cream puff.

I think we'll do it next year, I loved it.

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