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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Magellan got through her last maintenance treatment with flying colors.

Her boyfriend dropped us off. Before though, I had him stop at a Starbucks and I bought us cafe mocha's to celebrate. (Also so I could stay awake.  I only had 4 hours of sleep)

One of our favorite nurses took care of Magellan today so that was a plus.  She's always good at putting in the IV. 

When she's done being hooked up and the medicine starts, we always turn the lights off in the little room we're in.  She lays in bed.  (I didn't get a recliner today but I end up sitting across from her and put my feet on the bed, ha) 

I'm glad she's done but I'm going to miss those hours of one on one talking and venting, or listening to ringtones and laughing. 

She was lucky the massage therapist came and gave her a massage. 

She was done earlier than usual.  I think they used to run the saline before the rituxan but I think they ran them together.

So after 6 months of chemo therapy, 2 years of maintenance she's done.  Sorry the pictures so dark but we hadn't turned the lights back on before I took the picture.

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