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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hospital & eating out again

Last week one day, we got a call that my sil was in the hospital and had to have stents put it.  My bil's girlfriend called.  Wow, what a surprise.

Turns out it was scheduled but we didn't know.  We went to visit her and she was still in recovery, waiting for a bed to open as she was going to spend the night.  She lives in a different county but was at the same hospital where my oncologist is.  Anyhow, she's home now.

When we were done visiting on the way home, hippie asked if I wanted to go for supper to a place in the neighborhood.  Now, hippie doesn't really like to go out to restaurants much so I jumped at the chance (especially since it's been a no cooking zone at home for me for awhile ;-)

We ate in the bar area and our neighbor from across the street was there and bought us drinks.  I ordered pierogi's and a salad.  Hippie had stuffed peppers.  We had enough to take some home for supper the next day.  It was a win win situation!

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