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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Voice Voting

I thought I'd give my opinions on the voice before I find out who gets voted through tonight.

Team Christina:
Kimberly - I love anything this gal does.
India - Eh, didn't care for it. 

Team Adam:
Josh - I liked him much better last night.

Team:  Pharrell:
Koryn - She blew me away last week, however, last night not so much.  I went back to the way I've felt about her from the beginning.  She's not for me.
Sawyer- Now that was the Sawyer that I loved the first time I saw him in the blind auditions.  I still think he's going to win.  Not sure I would vote for him though in the finals.

Team Blake:
Meghan - Her song just didn't do it for me although I still think she's good.
Hannah - To me, this was her worst performance.
Corey - I couldn't believe it but I actually liked him last night and thought this was his best moment to me.

Voted for:  Kimberly, Josh, Sawyer, Meghan, Corey and India.

Didn't vote for: Hannah and Koryn.  Could live with both of them going home.

Or, India and Corey I could live with either of them going even though I voted for them to stay. 

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