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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spicy Food

On the way home from Magellan's treatment on Friday, her boyfriend asked if we would like to go out to dinner with them on Saturday to a Mexican Restaurant they wanted to try.  I'm not really keen on it.  I don't like spicy foods. We went anyhow lol.

If I do go I always get taco's with ground beef which is usually a safe bet for me.  I don't usually like the re-fried beans or the rice but I rather enjoyed them this time.  Could be my taste is changing - probably not though.

We got a pitcher of frozen strawberry Martguerita's.  Gosh, I haven't had one in years.  It was so tasty.

I really loved the decor of the restaurant.  Very authentic looking or how I think it would like a restaurant in Mexico.  They had several murals, and those sun things (I'm sure there is some significance but I'm too lazy to look it up) and also a Madonna.

On some tables they had this very large tube with a spicket on it filled with regular Martguerita's.  It was really tall and cool looking.  It held about 10 drinks.

I haven't gone out to eat so much like I have lately but I like it.

(By the way, the parking lot was very crowded.  There was a little shopping center next to the place and we were going to park in there.  As we were starting to get out of the vehicle, a man in a truck next to us opened a window and asked if we were going to the restaurant.  I said yes and he told me we couldn't park there.  He was wearing some kind of insignia on his shirt sleeve. We left and found a parking place.  He was probably a security guard and I get it that other stores don't want you using their lot but there were probably 50 open parking spaces, sheesh!  The only thing was I did tell Magellan's boyfriend at least he told us and didn't wait until we got into the restaurant and have us towed. So, there was that.)   

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I'm with you on that spicy food.
Went to one a year ago for a wedding rehearsal dinner & tacos it was for me.