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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Voice

I think it's really been a very good season on the Voice this year.

Team Christina:
Kimberly - I think she could be a winner
India - I still like her but not as much as when she first started.

Team Adam:
Josh - He's okay. His last couple of songs weren't that great.

Team Pharrell:
Koryn - I didn't really care for her but on Monday she blew me away with her song.
Sawyer - I loved Sawyer from the start.  I don't know what happened when they went live, I just don't like his songs as much.  I have a feeling though that he will win, ha.

Team Blake:
 Meghan - I think she could be a winner.
Hannah - I don't know that she's got a winning voice but I love her quirkiness and she certainly gives it her all when she's out there.
Corey - Ugh, what can I say.  He's got that country vote.  I don't get it compared to other country singers that Blake has had on his team I think he's pretty weak.  

There's just something about the Save that seems very unfair to me because not everyone's got twitter.  But I guess The Voice/NBC doesn't care what I think.

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