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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drive ins

The first Park in Drive theaters (later known as drive-ins)  opened on 6-6-1933.

When I was little we used to go to the drive ins.  It was so much fun.

When I dated I went to the drive in, some times we would even watch the movies, ha.

When our son was little we used to take him to the drive ins.  We would pack snacks and pop to drink. 

I have some fond memory of drive ins.  

How about you, did you go the drive in?


Ames said...

As a teenager we would pile a bunch of kids in the car and sneak in. Some in the floorboard of the back seat and some in the trunk. Fun times. Thanks for the memory.~Ames

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I had to chaperone my sister when she and her bf went to the drive-in. Since I was older, I was supposed to chaperone. We actually watched the movies and there were some good ones. What I liked better was the Devil's Lake Drive-in Church. We usually watched a Billy Graham movie for free on our week ends. They were good and we could bring refreshments.